Applied Angle Training and Coaching

 Business Improvement Techniques (BIT)

NVQ Level 2
NVQ Level 3
NVQ Level 4
Modern Apprenticeship Level 2

Key Skills

Level 1
Level 2

EAL Recognised Partner

CMI Management & Leadership
Team Leading

NVQ Level 2 Certificate
(competency based - Assessment)
Certificate in Team Leading Level 2
(knowledge based – Written Assignment)

First Line Management (QCF)

NVQ Level 3 Certificate (competency based - Assessment)
Certificate in First Line Management Level 3 (knowledge based – Written Assignment)

Management & Leadership (QCF)

NVQ Level 5 Diploma (competency based - Assessment)
Diploma in Management and Leadership (knowledge based – Written Assignment)

Apprenticeship in Management (QCF)

Level 2 Foundation
Level 3 Advanced
Level 5 Higher

CMI management training
Applied Angle Bespoke Programmes
Collaborative Organisation Series

Collaborative Executive Team
Collaborative Leadership (Senior)
Collaborative Management (First –Middle)
Collaborative Team Working
Collaborative Clinician
Collaborative Project Manager
Collaborative Facilitator
Collaborative Coach

Lean Series

Lean Foundation
Lean Leader
Lean Expert
Leading Rapid Improvement Events
(Applied Angle will also offer leadership of RIE’s in a ‘learn by do’ format)


Launchpad Awareness
Launchpad Advanced