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More with Less

The demands on the NHS to reduce budgets and resource whilst simultaneously improving quality of service delivery will require a fundamental change in the culture and mindset of all those who operate the service.

More change initiatives forced upon the NHS could easily lead to scepticism, apathy and rejection, after all, too many have seen change disrupt service provision and fail to provide benefits to patients and staff.

Established techniques and methodologies have delivered pockets of improvement and reduced costs by making better use of existing capacity in many organisations. However, successful whole systems transformation will require the development of far more internal capacity for change.

Training - Leading – Coaching

There are many different kinds of support that are required within the Healthcare sector alone. Acute Trusts will not face exactly the same issues as Mental Health Trusts and a Clinician’s perception of value is likely to be different to that of a Finance manager.

Indeed, no two organisations or departments will have exactly the same requirements, so we don’t offer a “one size fits all” package. Instead, we will create a solution for you that is tailored to meet your specific needs.

This may include supporting the development and implementation of a particular strategy, or providing your people with the skills that enable transformation programmes to successfully meet DH directives and legislation. Whatever your programme, we will increase the likelihood of sustained improvement by using our threefold approach of Training, Leading and Coaching.

Contact us and find out how we can increase your chances of success.

Equity and excellence

The NHS is being expected to perform as never before, and at the same time undergo massive change. The white paper ‘Liberating the NHS’ has highlighted three core expectations:

Put patients at the heart of everything the NHS does Focus on continuously improving those things that really matter to patients - the outcome of their healthcare, and Empower and liberate clinicians to innovate, with the freedom to focus on improving healthcare services

Equity and Excellence Liberating the NHS, Department of Health Applied Angle have great experience in working toward these outcomes. Could you benefit from it?