Business and Manufacturing

  • Would you like to improve the financial performance of your business
  • Would you like to deliver higher quality products and services
  • Would you like to achieve all this without major capital investment
YES?... Applied Angle can help
  • Our threefold approach of Training, Leadership and Coaching has already delivered £millions to the bottom line of companies like yours, by developing and supporting business improvement programmes for your people.

What might your programme include? Contact Applied Angle now and let us know what you would like to improve.

Healthcare & Public Sector

  • Is your organisation expected to deliver service improvement despite massive budget cuts
  • Does your workforce need to cope with reducing resource
  • Are finances dictating what levels of support are available to you
YES?... Applied Angle can help
  • From funded training through to whole systems improvement and leadership development, we are helping NHS and other Public bodies to effectively deliver the savings demanded while simultaneously raising the quality and enhancing the experience of their service users.

Don’t delay, contact Applied Angle now for a free informal discussion on facing your challenges.

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Managers or Leaders?

Transformation, Transition, Improvement, QIPP, Austerity, Change, Workforce Reduction, Anxiety, Challenge, Deliver more with Less, Demoralised.

Faced with the above?

Are you a manager within the NHS?

Are you open to improving your own abilities?

Would you like your workforce to work more effectively with you?

Fed up with experts telling you What you should be achieving but who fail to show you How?

Then consider 'The Collaborative Leadership Programme' at Cranfield University Health in collaboration with Applied Angle.

...just what the NHS needs
...everyone should know this...

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